The Connectiware Integration Maker Platform

Connectiware Architecture

When it comes to where Connectiware must be in regards to data flows for integrations, the diagram below sums it up.

Connectiware enables us to combine different subsystems or components into one cohesive system that functions seamlessly together. It involves connecting various hardware and software components, ensuring that they communicate effectively and work together to achieve the intended objectives or functionalities.

Integrations: Big Manufacturers Build in Big Integrations

As you can appreciate, systems integration can be an incredibly complex task. There are many enterprise class, 'commercial, off the shelf' integrations. These are integrations that manufacturers build into their products. The big manufacturers identify big areas where integrations are worth the effort spent on designing, building, testing and maintaining them. So for large and popular integrations, support is built into products. If an integration has this type of effort behind it - use it! Don't rebuild the wheel!

But what about the small (niche) integrations?

There are literally thousands of 'niche' integrations requested of large manufacturers annually. These are real needs, real problems needing real solutions by their end users.
But manufacturers today don't have time and resources to add in every little request! It would be like herding cats! Impossible! Unfeasible! Unmanageable! Thankfully, the manufacturers provide other ways like SDKs and REST APIs so that others can build the niche integrations. Unfortunately, it's up to the smaller companies who are closer to the end user to figure out a way to combine sub-systems together. Very few small companies have the time or the skillsets on staff to be able to learn the intricacies of programming even the most modest REST API.

Connectiware is designed to facilitate building those niche integrations!

We built a framework that gives the average company all the resources needed to build the 'niche' integration their client is asking for. If your staff can create formulas in an excel spread sheet, they can build an integration! In most instances, NO coding experience is needed to get data moving between subsystems! 

Platform Software

Connectiware Integration Maker v2.1

Windows Application

This fully featured app is your 'Integration Development Environment'. You will use it to specify data source, data destination and which data should be routed from one to the other. Add in your filtering, rules, sentinels and any custom scripts you need and you are done. Features data flow monitoring so you can see your integration working live.


Connectiware Integration Agent v2.1

Windows Service

This windows service will host your integration(s) somewhere on the client's network. The service is configured to catch and report errors, restart on error, and reliably runs your integration(s) silently, without user interaction.


Connectiware Endpoint License

License Key

These licenses are how you expand the number of endpoints that can be added to the Integration Agent. One license provides one data source and one data destination.


Connectiware AI Insights License

License Key

This license adds the ability for built integrations to take advantage of ChatGPT's AI capabilities. (Note: Requires ChatGPT Api key to be provided. This will incur additional costs from OpenAI)

Coming soon!

The Connectiware Platform offers a very unique selling proposition to your will be able to provide MANY niche integrations to your clients. Each integration you build increases your revenue, differentiates yourself from your competition, and increases ROI to your client!!

Joining the Connectiware Team

Systems integration is all about returning great value to clients. We have some expectations that need to be met to be eligible to becoming a reseller.

Commitment to Excellence

We expect professionalism to be exercised in all your client relationships. We expect that our resellers have a deep rooted belief in providing quality solutions to their clients. We expect our resellers to have some documented quality assurance policies and procedures. These policies and procedures help Connectiware improve as well. We want and need honest feedback.

Commitment to Learning

To be a reseller of Connectiware, you must have someone trained with current certification. There is a cost to this training and certification. We strive to train on actual integrations. Ideally you will be coming to us with an integration in mind. We can WORK TOGETHER on the integration, training your staff as we implement the integration for your client.

Commitment to Participate

Connectiware's success depends upon the success of our resellers. By working together - the platform becomes stronger. This means participating in the Integrators Marketplace. Share your knowledge. Sell your integrations. Consider buying integrations from other resellers before rebuilding the wheel. Everyone in the eco-system needs to eat, leads are shared equitably by core competency.

Reseller Application

Use this form to begin the process of becoming a Connectiware reseller. All applications are reviewed within 3 business days. One of our representatives will reach out to you after that.

Only those striving to be the best need apply...

If you and your staff are not passionate about solving client problems, Connectiware isn't for you.


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