Connectiware Upgrades and Software Maintenance Agreement

Updated versions of Connectiware are released twice per year, April 15 and October 15. Upon a new install of Connectiware, your approved vendor is issued a software maintenance agreement (SMA) that entitles end users to free upgrades for one year. It is up to the vendor to advise and sell SMA extensions to their clients to maintain this SMA after the first year. If an end user declines an extension of an SMA and they need to upgrade at a later date, they will be required to either purchase the software new again, OR, catch up on their missed SMA payments.

Technical support for Connectiware is provided in three streams.

Stream 1: Connectiware -> Approved Integrator

Integrators develop complex solutions for their clients which connect various devices together. When integrators need design or implementation assistance, Connectiware engineers are there to help with suggestions and real world examples. It is up to the Approved integrator to work with their client to implement the solution. If an Approved Integrator requires hands on assistance by a Connectiware engineer, a professional fee will apply and must be paid by the integrator. (who can optionally charge back to their client).

Stream 2: Approved Integrator -> End User

End users need to contact their Approved Integrator to get support in regards to specific issues around a Connectiware integration itself. Typically Connectiware does not get involved in the operational design or implementation. Our Approved integrators are highly qualified to deploy integrations and quite often Connectiware Systems Inc. will be unfamiliar with the integration. Always talk to your Approved Integrator first.

Stream 3: Connectiware -> End User

Connectiware Systems Inc. will engage with end users only when their integrator is unable or has refused to support the integration for some reason. Connectiware will always check with the assigned Approved Integrator before engaging with end users. In this stream, an initial troubleshooting fee of $150.00 USD will apply and must be paid prior to engaging the assistance Connectiware engineers. This fee pays for the first hour (or portion thereof) of assistance. If additional hours are required, the cost for Connectiware engineers is $150 USD per hour.