Use Case Examples

  • Point of Sale to Video Surveillance Systems – Take the keypresses from your point of sale solution (Squirrel, Micros, etc) and insert them into the video recording system on the appropriate camera.
  • Temperature Monitoring – Log temperatures from your coolers and freezers automatically. Configure alerts to users when temperatures rise beyond a threshold.
  • False Alarm Buffering – Accept data from intermittent sensors and log it. Set thresholds based on averages, high, low, occurence counts and more.
  • Monitor Networks for intrusion – accept connection data from the network switches, if an unknown mac address connects, text a security guard the exact location where an unauthorized device was plugged in.
  • Monitor Hard Drive / Raid Health – accept logs from disk raids, monitor for occurrences of specific errors. Once error count exceeds a threshold, notify the operator.
  • Monitor Server Room Temperature and Take Action – when the temperature sensor exceeds a threshold for a given amount of time, trigger a fan or other device to cool.
  • Sump Pump Monitoring – monitor water levels, when a level is reached, turn on the sump pump. If the level continues to rise past a threshold, notify someone via email or text message.
  • Malware and Virus Examination – Connectiware can be used to safely download infected files for reverse engineering purposes. Examine viruses, determine their propagation, then mitigate the spread by blocking component pieces.
  • Connect 1, 2, or even 5 or more systems together. A single piece of data can be transformed to suit multiple destinations. That TCP packet containing a temperature value can be translated into an email and sent, converted to a text message and sent, converted to an SQL query for insertion into a database, and then converted to a HTTP GET string to trigger another device! You are only limited by your imagination.

Integrator Benefits

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition by integrating legacy equipment with new equipment. No more ‘rip and replace’.
  • Expand into other client budget areas – take features of your products and combine with features from other system components on site to create more robust systems.
  • Enjoy a protected market area and core competency. Connectiware only accepts 2 integrators in any given market area.(based on population).
  • Enjoy increased sales and sales opportunities – Connectiware opens up avenues previously not feasible or available to you
  • Change your role from “vendor” to “trusted partner” – once our integrators demonstrate the capability to connect independent systems together, they inherit a more consultative role.
  • Enjoy competitive advantages on tenders and RFI – Connectiware Integrators have the opportunity to extend their systems and support virtually anything already on a facility. This allows you to speak to expandability.
  • Black Box Concept – here at Connectiware, we don’t want you to advertise us. We sell only to integrators. Instead, advertise yourself and your mysterious ability to interconnect systems that none of the local competition can match.