Connectiware is built with a single mission in mind: facilitate the connection of independent hardware and software, resulting in cost savings, expanded functionality and more robust systems. Connectiware can combine modern technology with some of the oldest legacy technology on the planet. It’s purpose built for it.

Connectiware is:

  1. A robust integration toolkit – integrators, consultants and businesses use any available communication methods from independent systems to create integrations (interfaces / connections) between them. Connectiware = “synergy glue”. Connectiware glues a bit of system ‘A’ to a bit of system ‘B’ (and more systems!) to create something brand new.
  2. As secure as needed – information can optionally be encrypted via the triple data encryption standard (3DES) for transmission over the network. All incoming data is handled as raw symbol codes only – no data can be executed or otherwise manipulated to be executed. Demo software is NOT available for download. This helps ensure that unauthorised individuals don’t have the ability to examine the code for weaknesses. Finally, Connectiware is continually being updated and enhanced to provide a better and safer product.
  3. Contains No Data to be compromised – Connectiware does not store any incoming or outgoing data. Instead, if you need to store data, it supports connections to virtually any database you choose. This allows enterprises to use existing server farms, or smaller companies to use simple databases like  microsoft SQL express, or even MySQL!
  4. Protective of manufacturer proprietary information – uses manufacturer provided communication methods. No reverse engineering, SDK, API, code review or anything of that nature is required.
  5. Unifies the world of IoT – Internet of things (IoT) offers so many useful gadgets but they all come with their own web page/app/software making it nearly impossible to efficiently use them all in a concerted manner (who has the time to use 10 different apps to do something?). With Connectiware, you can set up a system that combines features from all of the devices you need to perform specific tasks, report specific information and more.
  6. Simple to program – No software development kit (SDK) or in-depth programming knowledge is required. If you can create spreadsheet formulas, you can be easily trained to configure advanced Connectiware based integrations.
  7. Built to filter – Filter out unwanted information with simple formulas.
  8. Built to scale up – Chain up filters you create, calling one after another. Turn a series of simple filters into powerful filtering macros that transform data step by step.
  9. Built to REALLY scale up – Mastered filters and macros? Then you are ready to use the scripting engine (with IDE!) to add sophisticated logic and decision making to your systems.
  10. Built to translate – convert complicated text strings into human readable information, or even add ‘dictionaries’ you create in any spreadsheet program for translation purposes.
  11. Protective of our certified partners– only certified integrators, consultants and businesses are permitted to sell Connectiware licenses. The number of certified partners is limited within geographical area and by industy. We want all our certified partners to be extremely successful. FACT: In many instances, our certified partners sell 10 times the amount they paid for a Connectiware license in associated services, software and hardware.
  12. Protective of our end users – Only Certified Partners may sell Connectiware licenses.  Integrators, consultants or businesses who wish to resell Connectiware must meet our certification standards. The path to certification includes training by Connectiware, high standards of customer service and responsiveness to clients. Connectiware Systems Inc. has a dedicated mediation and problem resolution team to ensure quick action in the rare event of problems between end users and Certified Partners.
  13. Locked to specific CPU/VM – Connectiware licensing requires that it be installed on a single, dedicated CPU or virtual machine. It can only be moved when new licenses are issued.
  14. Built to meld new equipment with legacy equipment – a very wide variety of protocols is supported so that virtually anything can talk with anything.
  15. Instantly supports manufacturer upgrades – Connectiware uses the manufacturer provided communication methods. Updating/upgrading systems don’t break an integration, it actually enhances it!
  16. Capable of multiple routing – send a single data set to multiple systems in a variety of formats. Its possible to take a single piece of information and completely reformat it and send it along to an unlimited number of destination systems.
  17. Capable of monitoring data with artificial intelligence – a few simple rules allow Connectiware to examine millions of transactions, sort out which ones need to be evaluated against each other, then make decisions based on those simple rules. Defining three rules can sort out thousands of conditions, and determine appropriate action.
  18. Capable of communicating to itself – Connectiware can accept data from any source, as well as itself. The built in scripting engine allows you recursively analyse data, refining and adjusting until a condition is met which requires action.

Connectiware is built with a single mission in mind: facilitate the connection of independent hardware and software, resulting in cost savings and more robust systems. Connectiware can integrate the latest technology with some of the oldest legacy equipment on the planet. It’s purpose built for it.