The Connectiware Community

Integrator Membership Page

The Connectiware Community is where our Integrators access the numerous resources and benefits of being Connectiware Certified.

The Connectiware Community offers the following resources;

  1. Sales Training Center – White papers, case studies and videos on how other integrators have used Connectiware to supercharge their sales efforts.
  2. Integration Training Center – White papers, case studies and videos on how to configure Connectiware for various integrations.
  3. Training/Testing Sandbox – A realtime sandbox where integrators can work on actual hardware and software integrations. Features a variety of hardware, software components. Topped off with streaming video and remote access so integrators can see their creations live and in action.
  4. Integrator Marketplace – Integrators can share, sell and promote their integrations to other integrators looking for similar integrations.
  5. Downloads – Integrators can download latest versions of the software, as well as supporting documentation, presentations, the Connectiware Modeling tool and more.
  6. License Management – Integrators manage their licensing and client licenses here.
  7. Pro Services – Integrators can request help from our advanced integration engineers for assistance with complicated integrations. As always, our black box principle applies – integrators don’t need to share the fact that Connectiware is the backbone of their integration.
  8. Annual Conference – Integrators can find news about the annual conference, as well as manage their registrations, offer to present, and see if they have been nominated for formal recognition within their industry.

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