We have local offices located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Toronto, O.N. Canada, and Colorado, USA. These offices are for training, licensing distribution and integrator/consultant support only. Integrators may contact a branch office by calling our toll free number at 1-833-564-6468 and following the prompts.

If you are a client who is using Connectiware, please contact your integrator or consultant for support. Your approved integrator or consultant has been trained and certified in the development of integrated solutions using Connectiware. If you are experiencing difficulty with your existing integrator, please send an email to We will strive to achieve a resolution to issues.

If you are an integrator, consultant or a company, and are interested in becoming a Connectiware Approved Integrator, please contact Please note that integrators and consultants have protected markets, industries and geographical areas. Our success is built on the success of our integrators and consultants – part of that protection is ensuring that all our partners offer a high quality, customer oriented business with dedicated service. To become eligible for Connectiware Approval, you must be a world class company, offering world class solutions in your core competency.