The Elevator Pitch – What is Connectiware?

Connectiware is a robust integration toolkit. It is an application that enables integrators, consultants and businesses to easily create integrations between different pieces of hardware and software within minutes. These integrations create new functionality that satisfy client needs that were previously unmet. Connectiware is currently being used by security companies, government facilities, casinos, manufacturers, restaurants and sports facilities to provide new useful functions that are solving real business problems.

Connectiware satisfies a specific niche market – the “I wish we could join this feature from ‘A’ to this feature from ‘B’ ” market. In other words, Connectiware allows you to build that custom integration feature that is too small for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to dedicate time to, and too expensive to hire a software development company to write custom software for. You are not limited to just 2 systems either, it is possible to interconnect several system components together. For example, get the temperature of a kiln, the moisture from the dryer, post these on a monitor at the operator’s station in the control room and send email status updates upon the receipt of a ‘get status’ email. (yes – Connectiware can answer emails contextually!)

The possibilities are only limited by the capabilities of the system components you integrate, and your imagination!

The Design Team

Connectiware was created by a software engineer with three decades of experience writing software, plugins and embedded code for a wide variety of computers, devices and other electronics. The founder is a specialist in interface design, an accomplished business analyst with an emphasis on system integration. After testing Connectiware in a wide variety of facilities, processing literally millions of transactions, it was decided to put together a team of system, business process and software professionals to take Connectiware to market.


Our mission is to manufacture and support our products that enable our certified integrators and consultants to:

  • differentiate themselves in the market
  • provide enhanced sales and service opportunities
  • return value to their clients by integrating independent system components
  • become more successful financially and professionally
  • leverage existing system components to add the ‘missing functionality’


Our desire is to help everyone along the value path. This means we work with competent and trusted integration and consulting companies, OEM’s, and end users. We provide support and training so they can create new, cost effective and outstanding value to their organizations. We believe that Connectiware is also a fantastic black box solution – it’s a integration toolkit that can be easily used to satisfy those “impossible” requirements.  Connectiware is best deployed to integrators and consultants so they can exercise their core competency and integrate any number of system components. This returns great value to their clients.

Marketplace Distinctive

There is no other product in the marketplace quite like Connectiware. Our market is small, tight, and focused entirely on returning value. Connectiware does not compete with other products – it expands their possibilities. There is no market threat presented, only upside value. Connect the new with the old, legacy with the modern, and even systems that don’t seem to be related. Connectiware does not encroach on existing proprietary methods, it works in conjunction with communication methods already in place.

Our training systems, market support, and annual conference offer an unparalleled opportunity to share experiences and expertise. Connectiware Systems Inc. embodies the principal of the Connectiware application itself. We act as the connection between integrators, consultants, businesses and end users looking to create new interactions – safe, secure, and only upside potential. Our shared knowledge enables the creation of better solutions. This results in more value, and more upside potential to every stakeholder; Connectiware Systems Inc., Integrator, Consultant, Business and the end user.

Leadership Team

Our technical team is based out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Our marketing, financial and operations staff are located on both the east and west coast of North America, ensuring we can provide the support necessary across all time zones.

Each Connectiware certified partner also acts as a leader. Our partners can optionally share their areas of their expertise and information about their own integrations. If you are a certified partner in a similar vertical, Connectiware Systems Inc. can facilitate the sharing of information between you. This information sharing allows all stakeholders to capitalize on the cumulative experience of the Connectiware Community.