Connectiware is a robust integration toolkit.

Connectiware is an application that enables integrators, consultants and businesses to easily create integrations between different pieces of hardware and software within minutes.

These integrations create new functionality that satisfy client needs that were previously unmet.

Connectiware is currently being used by security companies, government facilities, casinos, manufacturers, restaurants and sports facilities to provide new useful functions that are solving real business problems.

Connectiware Systems Inc’s goal is win:win:win

End users win – they get more functionality for less capital outlay

Manufacturers win – their systems have unlimited compatibility

Integrators and Consultants win – they provide solutions to their clients that their competition cannot

Integrators need a new solutions capability
to grow & rise above price-based competition

Connectiware is a solution-generating engine:

Integrators can now solve complex client problems
with intelligent connections between clients’
existing hardware & software

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