Connectiware is enterprise class “universal compatibility” software.

Connectiware is that missing piece in every manufacturer’s product – a “universal compatibility feature” that allows a product to communicate with virtually any other product, with or without using APIs and SDKs.

If you have ever contacted technical support to ask how to get product x to send or get data from product y and z…they should have told you “download Connectiware”.

Connectiware software enables Solution Architects, Security Integrators, IT Professionals, System Engineers, Design Consultants and businesses to easily combine features and functions from different pieces of hardware and software into functional and working integrations within minutes.

Connectiware has been successfully deployed into government facilities, casinos, factories, buildings, restaurants, mills, mines and sports facilities to support a variety of integration tasks.

Connectiware has successfully managed millions of data transactions between disparate system components such as process control equipment, servers, workstations, point of sale equipment, CCTV, alarm and video management systems, access control, vending machines, networking equipment, fuel dispensing systems, solar controllers, databases like MSSQL, MySQL and much much more.

Connectiware Systems Inc’s mission is win:win:win

End users win – they get more functionality for less capital outlay, and eliminate the need for “rip n’ replace”.

Manufacturers win – their products are instantly compatible with virtually anything…technical support just says “Try Connectiware”.

Integrators and Consultants win – system design is no longer constrained…they provide solutions to their clients that their competition cannot.

System integrators need a new solutions capability to grow & rise above price-based competition

Connectiware is a solution-generating engine:

Integrators can now solve complex client problems
with intelligent connections between clients’
existing hardware & software

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